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“Calling Home” by James Deacon

South African indie singer/songwriter James Deacon gives to us one of the most amazing and honest musical anthems out there with “Calling Home”. With this fantastically human and beautiful soundscape, he embraces the pain and sadness of those who go through a loss that can break your heart. He does so in a way that is magical, real and full of inspiration and understanding that while the loss is unavoidable, the memories and all the lessons will remain as well to inspire and motivate us all to be better each and every day. I personally connected with the track as I have gone through the loss the song embodies and I know many will find a much-needed warmth and understanding dwelling within the lyrics and melodies of this musical gem. So allow your heart and soul to embrace the verses and sounds for they are not only his but also ours now. Enjoy!

I wrote Calling Home over the course of 3 months. I began writing the song to help myself process some overwhelming emotions that I was going through as a result of watching my family member Anton be diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was a long battle and it took a very heavy toll on the entire family. I began writing the song from the perspective of Anton’s son Neston and I tried to imagine to the best of my ability what it must have felt like to have this happen to his father… The second verse I wrote after Anton had passed away and I wrote it from his perspective based off what he said in his final days and the message he had – that everyone should be strong and move on because he knew that this was his time. This song is a tribute to the memory of Johannes Antonie Kotze and it is my attempt at immortalizing his memory. I’d like to think that this song could help anyone going through a similar battle or situation.James Deacon

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