“Call Me” by Tim Freitag

From Switzerland comes the uber talented and a personal favorite, say hello to Tim Freitag and the sounds of “Call Me”. With this refreshing and vivid soundscape the guys tell a story of two, where one is being used and knows it but can help himself from answering that call. The track is so honest, so real and quite frankly so familiar to most of us because we lived it, seen it and heard of it. It’s a captivating and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics that feeds our imagination with something that simply pulls us deeper and deeper. There’s no denying that the track has the right touch to make us feel a sweet pull into this familiar unknown. So let yourself feel the sounds caress your senses and become one with the airwaves that surround you. Enjoy!

“…Oh you only call me
When you’re lonely
You bite, bite, bite
To get your kicks tonight
And then you call me
The only
You’re so hard to love
So hard to fight…”

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