“Busy Body” by Claire Ridgely

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Claire Ridgely comes to us with the intoxicating and cinematic soundscape of “Busy Body”. With this refreshing and empowering track she blends melodies and lyrics to tell a story of heartache, lies and moving on to live the best life possible. She gets started with how the heart feels at first as she wonders where did it all go wrong and then she sees clearly that it was never meant to last for there where to many lies and to many wrongs that could not make a right. Eventually she sees her true worth and knows for a fact that she’ll be better without that person in her life. This track is so perfect for it is personal yet has all the right ingredients to make us feel a connection with what transpires within this soundscape. So dive into it and embrace the beauty, the magic and most welcomed showcase of acceptance and humanity that “Busy Body” brings to us. Enjoy!

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