“Burning Out” by Oscar Thorburn

Australian indie singer/songwriter Oscar Thorburn invites us inside his heart and soul and gives us a chance to enjoy the gem that is “Burning Out”. With this refreshingly human and honest track, he blends melodies and lyrics to tell a story that is so real and so easy to relate to. There’s something within this soundscape that connects with our senses as his voices transport the verses straight to our senses and allow us to know that we are not alone in this world. We all go through difficult times and sometimes they are incredibly difficult and will burn you out, but thankfully you are not alone and this track is here to remind you. Enjoy!

“This is my second single release “Burning Out”. I wrote it during a very difficult time in my life and a time where I was waking up feeling very burnt out from trying so hard to make every one around me happy but myself. I hope you like it.” – Oscar Thorburn

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