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“Brotherhood” by Outsider

Indie artists Outsider comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with his mesmerizing and powerful track, “Brotherhood”. With this blend of electronica and rock, he creates something unique and so refreshing to hear in the music scene that just by that mix alone it catches your attention. Then you pay attention to the other ingredients and you notice that you are hearing something truly incredible that brings forth lyrics that actually speak something we can connect with. The verses flow and the melodies come together setting up the right soundscape for us to envision the story that is part of this track. It’s something that feels so real, so easy to relate and in a way so personal yet so universal that speaks of the good and the bad that men at times fall into as friends. So listen, reminisce and also take a chance to grow and push yourself to do more and be better. Enjoy!

“In one sense it’s a criticism of how men generally interact with one another,” Outsider says. “It’s typical of of guys if they’re going through a hard time to go out and get blitzed. You have a good night out with the lads, you go wild and you think that you’re exorcising your demons but you’re really not. But there’s definitely a celebratory aspect to it as well, which recognises the importance of those friendships.”

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