“Broken” by Tatum

South African indie singer/songwriter Tatum takes a unique route in pop and serves us the mesmerizing gem that is “Broken”. With this vivid and intoxicating soundscape she explore the frail nature of the human existence and finds the beauty inside of it. She understands that we are not unbreakable and sometime we fall and shatter into many pieces, but we also have the capacity to get back up and put each piece back together in a way that is so hypnotizing. We are all magical creatures that have the capacity of a beauty unlike anything else as we grow and move forward and at times we need a helping hand but in there lies another showcase of humanity and magic. So listen closely and explore the ups and downs and ins and outs of this refreshingly raw soundscape. Enjoy!

“Sometimes there is poignant beauty in broken things. Broken beings have often survived a lot and have a much greater depth. I consider myself broken in many ways too and when it comes to love I prefer broken people because just like the process of purifying gold through fire, perfection for me only comes after pain and dark times, after being broken many times.” – Tatum 

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