“Broken Glass” by Nightseason

Indie band Nightseason blend pop and rock to craft the intoxicating and mesmerizing experience that is “Broken Glass”. With this refreshing and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics the guys tell a story of love that is at its end. It’s an honest and human soundscape that manages to catch our attention and imagination in an instant as it paints a picture so vivid and so powerful that our senses feel every part of it. There’s no denying that this track has all the right touches to not only be a fan favorite, but a must listen hit for the masses. So dive into this realm of heartbreak and embrace the bittersweet yet charming nature that makes it so haunting. Enjoy!

“This track is written from the perspective of someone in an on-and-off relationship that has repeatedly failed. Small problems/arguments have escalated until resentment builds (from walking on metaphorical eggshells to broken glass).  By the end of the song they are willing to give up, for the sake of their counterpart’s best interests” – Nightseason

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