“Boxes” by Gavin James

Irish indie singer/songwriter Gavin James comes to Wolf in a Suit with the inspiring and charming musical escape that is “Boxes”. With this honest and down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics he invites us to dream and be filled with hope for our lives are the stories that we write and what anyone says is just an opinion that should not hold us back. We are not all made the same way and there’s not a box that can hold us all with a label for we are unique and our goals are ours to achieve. So smile and listen carefully because if you needed a reminder of how great you can be then this is the song for you. Enjoy!

“The message of the song is to not listen to anybody. Just listen to yourself and follow your dream… I went to an all boys school in Dublin where if you wore the wrong shoes you had to walk around in slippers all day. I was a bit mad at school, I wouldn’t even try a little bit, and for years I had people saying I couldn’t do anything, it was too hard to make it in music, I shouldn’t try.” – Gavin James

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