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“Both of you” by Patrick Martin

Indie singer/songwriter Patrick Martin delivers a painful yet incredibly catchy must listen creation with “Both of you”. With this refreshing and captivating soundscape he tells a story of heartbreak and betrayal as it was inspired by a best friend being caught with a significant other. The track flows with amazing ease through the airwaves pulling us deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole as our imagination instantly connects with the story the verses are telling. There’s something so human, so raw and so bittersweet yet intoxicating about this one of a kind soundscape that your senses are bound to be hooked. So listen closely and enjoy the ride!

This song was born out of an experience a few of my close friends have gone through, which is walking in on your best friend and your significant other. This is the first song I’ve ever written with one of the best in the world, Kid Harpoon. I’m excited for the world to hear this song and loads more from us.”

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