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Bionda (Trasteverina)

“Bionda (Trasteverina)” by Lita

Italian indie singer/songwriter Lita comes to us with a refreshing mix of classic and modern touches with the sonic gem that is “Bionda (Trasteverina)”. With this bittersweet yet down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics, she tells a story that is so human and so raw that your imagination will instantly connect with it. The verses serve up a vivid and honest tale that will give your senses a place to connect yet be at a safe enough distance that you understand the story is not yours but someone else’s. She beautiful complements the Italian and English language giving the soundscape an interesting spin that is not only multi-cultural but so unique and so magical in its own way. So listen, sway from side to side and pay attention to the way this track comes alive. Enjoy!

“Bionda is a super important song to me. When I was little, my grandma would always sing us songs from her childhood. One of them was “tutti mi chiaman Mario”, a folk song from World War I. “Bionda” is the first song I wrote in Italian since I moved to the States, the first song that made me feel reconnected to my roots. It’s a story I needed to tell and one that brought me back to the streets of Trastevere. I wrote it with Sebastian Torres, the executive producer on my project.” – LITA

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