“Better Now” by Courtney Paige Nelson

Indie singer/songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson shares a deeply personal and touching blend of melodies and lyrics with “Better Now”. With this bittersweet yet empowering soundscape, she takes us through an honest and human ride. She gives us the chance to take a peek inside and get to know not only the artist but the person behind the amazing voice and intoxicating lyricism. The track grabs you by surprise and with a soft touch, it pulls you as it showcases all the ups and downs she went through reminding us that it’s ok to break and fall down because there’s always the possibility to get back up. Our pieces will not remain broken forever and it’s in us and only in us to put them back together but we must always remember that we are not alone in this journey and guidance is welcomed as we search for the answers. So listen and enjoy the sweet melodic release of this must listen gem.

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