“Better Days” by Discrete ft. Chris Collins

Swedish artists Discrete and Chris Collins come together to give shape and form to the mesmerizing gem that is “Better Days”. With this honest and playful blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a story of young love on the verge of fading away or maturing into something more. The verses paint a picture that is so raw and so human that we can instantly connect the dots and feel something unique as the track takes shape and form. There’s something very special about the way the soundscape comes alive that makes this a must-have experience for any music lover. I am sure the track will speak to you and invite you into a world that will feel like home. Enjoy!

“I met a fifteen-year-old Chris Collins five years ago, and we must have written hundreds of songs together since then. Other projects sent us in different directions, but we reunited in the studio last fall. I got to see how much he had grown as a songwriter when he and I sat down to write from scratch. We wrote ‘Better Days’ from start to finish in 17 hours straight.” – Discrete

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