“Best I can” by American Authors ft. Seeb

Indie pop/rock band American Authors joins forces with Norwegian production duo Seeb to deliver the mesmerizing soundscape of “Best I can”. With this refreshing and uniquely poetic musical creation the guys talk about a love that does not promise the world and beyond but instead embraces the limitations of the human existence. It comes like a breath of fresh air for it caresses the souls and speaks to the both the demons and the angels that reside within all of us letting them know that they are accepted. The track understands how fragile and limited we can, but also understands that there’s a certain in that. They caress the simplicity of our reality with a much needed dose of understanding and inviting touches to make the track sonically and lyrically intoxicating. So dive into this world that is sure to make you feel connected. Enjoy!

“…Some people say that love is made with gold and roses
But when your heart is breaking I’ll be there to hold it
Some people hide their devils deep inside their souls
With me you’re safe and sound, let all your demons go…”

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