“Before” by Wolf & Moon

German duo Wolf & Moon come to Wolf in a Suit once more and this time they bring with them the magic and beauty of “Before”. With this track the talented pair craft a soundscape filled with hopes, wants and a perfect dose of the unknown that gives the song a unique and refreshing feel. They complement each other’s voices and let the lyrics flow naturally through the melodies as the story starts to unfold and our imagination begins to do its job. We are charmed and hypnotized by the magic and strange familiarity of the verses and there’s no other way around it, we are hooked. So dive into their realm of sounds, lyrics, and human emotions and just let this fantastic musical creation fill your airwaves. Enjoy!

“And all these melodies

We were signing out

Singing like we were young

So let’s go back to

A place we’ve never seen

Place we never seen before”

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