“Beautiful” by Emilia Ali

Indie singer/songwriter Emilia Ali opens up her heart and soul as she serves a much needed dose of honesty and heartache with “Beautiful”. With this enticing and haunting soundscape she gives life to a tale that comes from the heart as it understands how mistakes can lead to other arms. She embraces her new found reality but still the pain is there, for being happy for someone does not always mean you can hurt and feel the hurt as your heart breaks little each day. She wants this person to be happy because he deserves it and she knows that she was not the best thing in her life thanks to immaturity, selfishness or simply wrong choices. So listen carefully and dive into the world that dwells within this verses and mesmerizing melodies. Enjoy!

“Beautiful is about a boy whom I want to be happy, but coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t the person who could make him happy is always going to hurt.” – Emilia Ali

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