“Be Fine” by Enola Fall

Australian indie rock band Enola Fall come to Wolf in a Suit with the intoxicating and haunting musical creation that is “Be Fine”. With this exquisite and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics they give the rock genre a fine blend of old school meets new school sounds. There’s also an honest and much needed showcase of the frail nature of the human soul that while heavy leaves a message meant to be heard. The track wants your attention and it has all the right ingredients to deserve it. So listen carefully for there’s a story that is sure to shoot like an arrow straight to your heart. Enjoy!

“It’s a bit heavy, but the song is a conversation about suicide. Everyone seems to have known someone or worse, loved someone, who has taken their own life. The two choruses are the two voices that talk through the subject, and it ends with what I hope is a final message of determination.” – Joe Nuttall of Enola Fall

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