“Basement” by Family of Things

Canadian indie pop-rock band Family of Things are back and this time around they deliver the musical musings of “Basement”. With this playful yet honest blend of melodies and lyrics they embrace the reality that resides within all if not most of us. The track is vibrant and charming as it speaks not just to our senses but directly to our hearts and souls allowing us to feel understood. The vocals flow with such ease through the airwaves guiding the verses with passion and emotions that allow it all to properly sink in and really connect. The track is another perfect addition to their already amazing and exhilarating body of work. Enjoy!

“Basement is a song of self-reflection.  It contemplates the frustrations of chasing for something bigger than one’s self, and questions the very nature of the chase.  The main chorus lyric offers a punch of reality and vulnerability, within an ironically and angsty context: ‘Stuck in the basement!  Growing tired of being alone.’” – Family of Things

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