“Bali” by Ellen Krauss

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Ellen Krauss comes to us with the vivid and sensuous musical creation that is “Bali”. With this lush and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics she plays our senses and feeds our imagination a much needed escape from the reality we are now in. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves catching us off-guard and instantly pulling us into a realm that feels too hot to the touch as it invites you to get into something a bit more comfortable than what you might be wearing. It’s a mesmerizing and utterly exciting soundscape that simply knows how to get you all hot and bothered as it comes alive. So listen carefully, smile and dive into this sonic escape that she has crafted. Enjoy!

“(Uncontrollable attraction, Quarantine, Corona, Dream away , travelling – Bali).

“This song is about a steamy date. Simple as that. The girl I wrote it about had planned a trip to Bali.

“Maybe this song will play a different role now than when I wrote it, because of Corona. People now have to fantasise about a hot vacation instead of actually going places. But that can be fun too.” – Ellen Krauss

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