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“Bad Hombre by Skyline Brigade ft. AV

Nashville based indie duo Skyline Brigade take a different route to what we are used from them with the rebellious sounds of “Bad Hombre”. With the assistance of AV the talented pair deliver a track that is raw, playful and in your face adding something refreshing to their amazing repertoire. There’s something about this track that just hooks you and invites you to listen to it over and over again as you start singing along and letting the sounds take over your body. The track is hands down a personal favorite and I am pretty sure it is bound to grab them a few new fans. So listen to this fearless pair and enjoy their latest must listen gem.

“…I smoke and ounce but it doesn’t mean that I’m addicted

An epidemic when the right people are afflicted

I pay the rent but you want to see me evicted

Love me fuck me toss me like one of those side bitches…”

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