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“Back to life” ft. Brandyn Burnette

“Back to life” by SJUR ft. Brandyn Burnette

Norwegian DJ and producer SJUR joins forces with up-and-coming singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette to give us the gem that is “Back to life”. With this passionate, playful and relatable blend of melodies, vocals and lyrics the pair get us hooked and there’s no way to deny it. The track is simply so fun to hear and there’s something within it that just makes it feel so personal, so real and so in touch with what you hope, dream and want. The soundscape caresses the various areas that dwell within the electronic genres while letting Brandyn serve the pop that gives it that universal touch. Just listen, smile and let your body become one with the sounds and have the time of your life as you enjoy this amazing track.

I wanted to try something different on this one. I experimented with synths from “Future Bass”, drum patterns from “Drum & Bass” and added melodic verses to design the vibe I was searching for. Working with Brandon was amazing – he completely clicked with the structure of the song, and came up with the verses and chorus in virtually no time at all.SJUR

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