“B.E.S.T.” by Laur Elle

Canada based indie singer/songwriter Laur Elle opens up her hearts and shares a young love story with “B.E.S.T.” With this refreshing and charming soundscape she tells the story of a love that is still so new and so fresh that just dive right into it. The track embodies that sweet blend of melodies and emotions that take place when young love takes shape and form getting Better Every Single Time. She is so honest and the verses come after the other flowing with ease and capturing our senses and imagination instantly. There’s something about this track that fills you up with warmth and joy as the story that is being told is one that’s personal yet has all the right touches to be universal as well. So listen, smile and enjoy this magical yet very human ride.

“I could stay up all night with you always

Driving making headlights paint the highway

Cause I feel alive by your side

And it gets better every single

Better every single time…”

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