“Ask Twice” by Gold Spectacles

UK based indie band Gold Spectacles show a flair for impressive storytelling with the exquisite musical creation that is “Ask Twice”. With this amazing soundscape they invite us all to explore the ins and out of this world they have crafted with such care and detail. The melodies and lyrics come together delivering something so intoxicating and mesmerizing that you’ll want to hear it more than once to truly allow your imagination to soak it all in. So dive into this realm and together let us explore and enjoy this amazing ride.

“We wanted to depict characters who are so caught up in their self-preservation that they aren’t able to see that they are hurting everyone around them (and in turn, themselves). There is blood on their hands, but they will sooner point the finger than come clean. Although lyrically the protagonist comes across as cold, the whimsical flute arrangement reminds us: he is still human.” – Gold Spectacles

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