“As Always” by Little Dume

From Malibu, California come the band of brothers and friends that is Little Dume with the mesmerizing and beautiful gem that is “As Always”. With exquisite and captivating verses they paint a picture that is instantly embraced by our senses and imagination. The track flows with ease and a certain unknown yet magical air around it that makes it a must for any who dare say they are music lovers. The track provides with a chance to explore a tale of love, life and the promise of seeing the wondrous northern lights. It personally also serves as a reminder that there are still many things to amaze us in this big blue world. So listen and remember what you’ve dreamt of visiting and seeing and push yourself to make it happen someday. Enjoy!

“I really want to explore and go see the northern lights. It’s been something I’ve dreamt of doing for some time now. The song is essentially a love song and a promise to go make that journey to the lights.” – James Burnett of Little Dume

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