“Any Better” by KYTES

German indie pop band KYTES comes to us with another must listen gem from their latest FRISBEE EP, say hello to “Any better”. With this bittersweet yet inviting track, the guys dive into the world of heartbreak and relationships ending with maturity and honesty that is welcomed. The lyrics speak of the many moments in which we try and try to make things better but we already knew that would not happen. It’s the old tale that we all live as we find it hard to say goodbye and push the moment to last as much as possible even if it hurts us. In the end, we are left with pain and heartache but we eventually understand that it is necessary to just say goodbye. Through soothing melodies and lyrics, the guys give us a chance to heal and smile as we listen to something amazing. Enjoy!

“Everything I try don’t seem to matter, we won’t get any better’

You know those days, whatever you try, nothing gets any better?”

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