“Another World” by Little Galaxies

California based indie pop-rock band Little Galaxies comes to us with the powerful and inspiring musical gem that is “Another World”. With this exquisite track they showcase a mesmerizing blend of vivid and lush melodies and lyrics that caress our soul and feed it with passion and hope. The vocals flow with naturality through the airwaves providing our senses with much needed taste of that sweet unknown ambrosia that music can provide. The soundscape is filled with verses that come from real life experiences that while personal are able to inspire us as they break away from the limits of the mundane and give music lovers all around something to be excited about. So listen carefully and enjoy this one of a kind ride!

“It’s a song about letting your imagination run wild with someone who takes you away from your pains and worries. I’ve spent the last 5 years dealing with chronic pain after my car flipped over a truck driving through Venice and our band was forced to take a 3 year hiatus while I was recovering from injuries, getting the strength to perform live again. This song was inspired by all of the people who have supported me throughout my journey to recovery, whose presence in my life have helped me to escape my own discomforts and make life worth living. ” – Jeanna Fournier of Little Galaxies

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