“All of our friends know” by Linying

From Singapore comes indie singer/songwriter Linying with a beautifully mesmerizing track titled “All of our friends know”. With this romantic and honest showcase of melodies, vocals, and emotions she speaks from the heart and tells us a story we can connect with. The soundscape is filled with moments that are so personal to her yet feel so ours along the way as she embraces those few anecdotes in which love is blooming and a certain step hasn’t been taken yet. She speaks of how little by little both sides start to intertwine and understand that maybe just maybe there’s something special brewing between them. The song is beautifully crafted and pull you immediately for the story heard could be yours or one you’ve seen. Enjoy!

“Said we’d be better than them but we’re the same

I’m taking your hand and now we’re taking the blame

I think I could love you

I wanna be good, babe, I wanna be free

I see it in you, I know you see it in me

I think I could love you”

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