“All my friends are on P3” by Pikes

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Pikes comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with an exquisite and unique musical creation in “All my friends are on P3”. He crafts a soundscape that borrows inspiration from real life experiences and hopes as he speaks of other people getting a chance he craved. He wanted the validation that comes from hearing yourself not only on radio but on national radio that you know everyone in his country will get a chance to hear. In a funny turn of events he has actually gotten that chance as he has had his music play in national radio in his native Sweden. The track is amazing and really let’s us see the other side as we are fans and music lovers but he is the artist creating the musical gem we will enjoy. So listen carefully to “All my friends are on P3” for it is sure to paint a vivid picture that will play with your imagination. Enjoy!

No need to explain this one. I wanted to be on Swedish national radio and I sort of felt frustrated that I wasn’t. It also felt like every time I heard a song on the radio It was a friend of mine who either produced, wrote or sang it. So I did what artists do to maintain their sanity. I wrote a song about it as a joke.

I imagine a person sitting in front of the radio (which by the way nobody does in 2019) that had the artists playing on the radio as his or her pretend friends. Then I saw the joker on cinema and I realized how creepy that scenario could potentially be.

The irony is that I just got on national radio in Sweden and I seriously thought about rewriting this song when I did so. But the song is to good as is I think. IT ALSO FEATURES A KEY CHANGE which is awesome.” – Pikes

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