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“All I need” by Jolé

UK based indie singer/songwriter Jolé comes to us once more with his latest mesmerizing musical creation, “All I need”. With this honest and introspective soundscape, they speak of love from the point of view of a heart that is not in a good place but still loving. It’s a marvelous and unique take as it allows us to gain a better understanding that at times you may want to give your all, but something inside you holds you back and it’s not that easy to let go. The track knows of the fragile yet hopeful nature of the human soul for we fight and we struggle but we want to grasp that which is beautiful and truly appreciate the unique magic of love. So whether you are struggling or know someone who is, this gem will let you feel understood or gain new insight. Enjoy!

“All I Need is about trying to heal a relationship. When you have a devotion to one another but you aren’t in such a great place. Hoping you can work through it, to give someone all they need as well as you giving them everything that you would need too. It’s about learning to appreciate everything that’s beautiful in a relationship/friendship when you may have lost sight of it.”

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