“Addicted to blue” by Grace Davies

UK based indie singer/songwriter Grace Davies comes to us with honest and insightful melodic adventure with “Addicted to blue”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a tale that is both surreal yet so human. The soundscape flows with ease as it embrace the wide array of feelings and emotions that roam through it giving it a unique touch that instantly grabs you. The verses may seem strange but when you pay close attention to them you can see that we all want a person that can be a reason to be sad if they are away. This is unique dynamic for it gives worth to that relationship in both the good and the bad, it means they matter to you and if they are not there you are sure to notice. It’s an intoxicating and addictive reality that gives life a slight touch of bitter to make sure it has a kick to make love be worth a while. So listen carefully and embrace this unique reality to our human existence. Enjoy!

“I feel like there’s something for everyone on this EP, and I was truly able to document a wide variety of happenings in my “tragique” life, as I like to call it. I’m so proud of these songs. Addicted To Blue is the bop I never realised I had. It lived as a piano ballad for over a year and I never knew which direction to take it in. I went out to Sweden to produce it with Elias Kapari and we had such a fun time with it because it was such a blank canvas, so we tried everything just for fun! I’ve always been inspired by the energy of 80’s pop production so I really wanted to bring some elements of 80’s to this track. It makes me dance around my kitchen no matter what mood I’m in. The song talks about the appreciation of a long distance relationship. My boyfriend at the time lived 3 hours away, which is far enough not to see each other often, so I wanted to touch on how amazing it is that someone can give you a reason to be sad when they leave – if that makes sense. The lyrics are so contradictory throughout – like, I’m happy when we’re together, but I also like not having you there all the time, getting on my tits! A happy medium.” – Grace Davies

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