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“A scent of lily” by Augustine

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Augustine delivers a refreshing indie pop soundscape with his latest single “A scent of lily”. With this playfully inviting and a surprisingly mature and human blend of melodies and lyrics her caresses our hearts and souls with gentle hands letting us completely fall for his song. The track dances from second to second delivering something utterly mesmerizing and out of the scope of what is known entering into a new realm where our senses can find joy. The song is addictive and so magical letting the listeners enter somewhere new as they crave the unknown factor of these sounds over and over again. So dive with me into his creation and let us enjoy this must listen gem.

“There are those few people who makes you completely blank. The ones who divide your life into a ‘before’ and an ‘after,’ says Augustine. “‘A Scent of Lily’ is about the powerlessness that can creep into such relationships, when you buy into everything that person does to the level where you stop thinking your own reasonable thoughts. This song came to life on a late night almost three years ago and is the first one I wrote for my own artist project.”

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