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“96” by Gavin Haley

Indie singer/songwriter Gavin Haley comes to Wolf in a suit for the first time with the romantically charge gem that is “96”. With this sweet and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics the talented artist gives us something inviting and charming. The soundscape allows our hearts and souls to find joy within it and to look at that special person in our life and be grateful for the magic and warmth they bring. We are reminded of all the good that love brings to our existences and with this track we easily feel a connection for it was created from a genuine and beautiful feeling. So listen closely, smile at that special person and simply enjoy one of the most romantic and honest tracks out there in the world.

“…Every night when darkness closes in
In the morning you bring me back from it
Through the good the bad and the ugly
Thank god that I have you
Wish I could give you more Saturday’s days & Sunday’s go to fast
the good the bad the ugly
You should know you’re ready for…”

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