“5 years” by Mountain Bird

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Mountain Bird comes to us with the intoxicating and riveting musical gem that is “5 years” (5years on the EP). With this exquisite musical creation he plays on the fantasy of love while staying in touch with the reality that was experienced. He delivers something unique and refreshing for our senses to be enveloped by as we dive into the unknown magic that resides within the melodies and lyrics. His voice pulls us gently and guides us through the mesmerizing and cinematic nature of this track allowing our imagination to find the hidden connection as our youthful idealism is fed with a dose of hope, love and unknown. So dive down this rabbit hole and embrace each and every verse for it has something to tell you. Enjoy!

“I felt it had something youthful and cinematically beautiful about it…to realize that you love someone but the timing isn’t right is such a youthful ideal.” – Mountain Bird

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