“1993” by Hildur

Icelandic indie singer/songwriter Hildur comes to us with a beautifully inspiring and honest gem with her latest single, “1993”. With this track, she invites us all to search within and understand that we are all out different and our journeys are not in stone by what society wants, but what our hearts beat faster for. It’s so perfectly soothing, captivating and really understands the fears and doubt that at times we find in our paths as we embark on our own personal adventures. She knew by the age of 5 what she wanted, you may be discovering that right now and it’s perfectly fine as long as you really do something about it. There’s a welcomed dose of magic lying within this soundscape that is both strangely human and perfectly surreal giving it a special edge. So close your eyes, listen closely, smile and jump into the unknown because that’s the only way to make dreams a reality. Enjoy!

“When I was 5, I realized my dream was to create, tell stories and stand on stage. As per the hook – “When I grow up I wanna be me”, it came to me as it was only recently I realized I had really became the person the 5 year old me wanted to be and was doing all the things I had dreamt of, without really giving myself the credit. This song is my journey and all the loopholes and fallbacks it took, all the disbelief but passion I experienced, all the insecurity and the creativity- which is me. So if my 5 year old self could hear one song from the future, I would want it to be this one. And I hope someone else on their journey to become themselves can relate.”

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