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“0122” by Black Grapefruit

Indie pop music ensemble Black Grapefruit come to Wolf in a Suit with a refreshingly mesmerizing musical creation in “0122”. With this ethereal and surreal blend of melodies and lyrics, we are pulled into a world that any music lover would be grateful to reside. The band delivers something so unique, so in your face and so perfectly human allowing for an easier connection with the soundscape. We can grasp the union of melodies and vocals in a way that is exhilarating and mesmerizing as our senses are given that right jolt of magic. So listen closely and enjoy the ride!

“…I’ve been bathing in the light
Since 01 22
I’ve been running for my life
Running with you
I count my blessings when the sky turns
I turn to you and see the tears in your eyes burn
I’m still in love with you
Since 01 22…”

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