Listen: “San Francisco” by Honestly

From the U.S. comes the indie-pop band Honestly with the bittersweet and lush soundscape of the sonic gem that is "San Francisco".

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Listen: “Pick Me Up” by Rachel Bochner

Indie singer/songwriter Rachel Bochner comes to us with a refreshing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics with "Pick Me Up".

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Listen: “Cherie” by Ariane

French-American indie singer/songwriter Ariane comes to Wolf in a suit with a haunting and refreshing musical gem in "Cherie".

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Listen: “Fall too soon” by Ouro

Indie Rock band Ouro delivers a sweet blend of familiar and unique sounds with their latest musical creation, "Fall too soon".

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Listen: “The Look” by Sports

From the U.S. comes one of the most amazing musical acts out there, say hello to Sports and their latest single, "The Look".

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Music Video: “Paradise” by Emma McGrath

UK based indie singer/songwriter Emma McGrath opens up heart and soul and allows us to see how vulnerable she can be with "Paradise".

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Listen: “I Never” by The New Twentys

From the UK comes the indie pop that your senses craved courtesy of the uber-talented up and coming band The New Twentys, say hello to "I Never".

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Listen: “Coca Cola” by Laura Hyde

Australian indie goddess Laura Hyde speaks up and delivers a powerful hidden message by a name known by all, say hello to "Coca Cola".

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Visualizer: “Anchor” by SORAN

Canadian supernova of talent SORAN comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the haunting and bittersweet musical gem that is "Anchor".

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Listen: “CLOVER” by Akurei

From Australia comes a soothing and charming pop sound courtesy of Akurei and his fantastic musical creation, "Clover".

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