From the UK comes the uber-talented ensemble of artists that make up TEME with their latest single, say hello to “DEF CON”. With this bittersweet and haunting showcase of feelings and emotions, they invite us to explore the harsh reality of a relationship ending. The track blends melodies and lyrics in a way that is so unique and so intoxicating that manages to get you hooked from the moment you press play. There’s no escaping the sweet dose of magic and raw ‘understanding of the pain that comes from coming to the decision that things must end.

So listen closely and let this soundscape unfold and caress your senses and every inch of your heart and soul at it offers us a chance to be part of a tale bound to feel so ours and much as theirs. Dive into the reality that resides within this must-listen gem and enjoy the chance to feel something so human and so real.

Location: United Kingdom

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“DEF CON sees the protagonist looking back at the ending of a relationship which descended into the destruction of both parties involved. Sometimes, when battling through a situation, people lose the ability to see that to keep going is more harmful in the long run – ‘I would have kept fighting on / But I’m more lonely when I’m with you'”.


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