“Hotel” by Claire Rosinkranz

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Claire Rosinkranz comes to us with the catchy and playful sonic creation that is “Hotel”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a tale of youth, friendships and the many adventure that make up our lives. The track comes together quite nicely from start to end and invites us to be part and reminisce in regards to our own youthful adventures. The instrumental arrangement sets forth a fun and mesmerizing experience that adds a new welcomed layer to the pop genre.

Overall the experience is pleasant and will surely put a smile on your face from the moment you press play. So listen carefully and embrace the relaxing feel of this one-of-a-kind soundscape that makes this a must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“One day I’ll write a story that’ll sit on a shelf about partying with my friends at some random hotel.”

“I wrote this song about the feeling of sneaking out, partying with friends, driving fast and eating pasta.”

Claire Rosinkranz

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