“Heart Eyes” by Danica Bryant

From New Zealand comes the utterly mesmerizing and talented indie singer/songwriter Danica Bryant with her latest single, “Heart Eyes”. With this playful and fun blend of melodies and lyrics, she talks about those posters that at times plastered the walls of many teen rooms with sustainable and seemly out-of-this-world men and women. The track explores this in a way that is relaxing and easy to connect while offering us a sneak peek into moving on and growing from this stage in what comes next. It understands that it’s nothing wrong, it simply is part of growing up and we all have fantasies and dreams that involve people that more than likely we’ll never meet.

So listen to this fantastic and human showcase of feelings and emotions and let this soundscape caress your senses and pull you in gently. This touch of down-to-earth connection and showcase of youth makes this track an instant must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: New Zealand

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“…girls grow up surrounded by all these pop culture heartthrobs that we’re meant to swoon over, and we’re supposed to cover our rooms in their posters and devote ourselves to being their perfect girl.

Then somehow, when we get emotional about these unattainable men, we become the butt of the joke, and it’s ridiculous how obsessed and overly emotional we are. Heart Eyes is very much a satire on that idea. If you think I’m crazy, I can and will absolutely give you crazy.”

Danica Bryant

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