“Try” by Eric Dash

From Los Angeles, California comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Eric Dash to give life to the pop-rock sonic creation that is “Try”. With this fantastic blend of melodies and lyrics he not only gives life to his latest single but also to a tale bound to speak to our hearts and souls from the moment we press play. Something about the approach taken within the soundscape is so pure and down-to-earth while it caresses our senses and plays with our imagination in a way that just hits the spot and makes it feel so grandiose.

Eric understands how to serve us with a vivid and instantly relatable and human story that has it all to be a fan favorite and quite frankly, it’s already one of mine. So listen, close your eyes and simply escape from the holds of reality through the gateway opened by this contemporary must-listen gem crafted by this exciting young artist. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“Try wasn’t the first time I approached a song in the box, but it was the most comfortable or confident I’ve been doing so. With Try, I didn’t have to try. I built a beat within a few minutes, had my buddy play guitar, and when he left I pieced it together and did topline. There’s something special in the simplicity of it,”

Eric Dash

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