“I Must Be In Love” by Aaron Taos

Once more, the always amazing Aaron Taos gives us the pleasure of enjoying another one of his sonic creations with his latest single, “I must be in love”. With this refreshing take on the idea of love, he explores within his heart and mind to finally conclude whether he has fallen for someone or not. The track takes a unique path as it blends melodies and lyrics in a way that makes for a vivid and inviting soundscape. Something about it just hits the spot and really connects with the listener as it offers us a chance to understand the way in which love makes itself present. The track flows through the airwaves caressing our senses and speaking to our imagination as it pulls us to hear and see the conversation between the brain and the heart. It all comes together quite nicely with the music video that offers us a visual inner concert that serves to shine a light on the question at hand. Enjoy the latest must-listen gem by a Wolf in a Suit favorite!

Location: USA

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“‘I Must Be In Love’ is a song of discovery. Rather than a direct statement, the song follows someone working through and ultimately realizing that they are in fact, in love. The verses serve as the confessional – the point where I am describing my symptoms to myself through the guise of singing to this other person. As each verse ends, the chorus comes in as the answer to the preceding ruminations. It hook lyrics begin more unsure, “I think I’m in love,” to a bit more confidant, “I must be in love,” to the final loud begrudging acceptance, “Well fuck it, I’m in love!” I always thought that this approach to a love song would be interesting. Love is such a visceral emotion that oftentimes the physical side of us realizes we are in the throes of it quicker than our brain will admit.”

Aaron Taos

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