“Leave Me Light” by FERGUS

UK-based indie singer/songwriter FERGUS comes to us once more with his soothing and charming latest single, say hello to “Leave me light”. With this endearing and vivid blend of melodies and lyrics he offers us a recollection of actions gone through in the morning as the one you love heads back to work . The track is beautiful and manages to caress our senses and connect with our imagination from the very first second reminding us how much we missed those small moments that had become so rare. As the situation gets closer to normal we can see that there’s a mesmerizing touch of magic in those little moments that make the morning so much more memorable and mesmerizing. He understands that the world needs to hear this type of stories for they take us closer to a place that feels more like ours and walks away from the pause that the world had to go through. So listen, imagine and embrace the sweet dose of must-listen magic that makes this a sonic gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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” ‘Leave Me Light’ chronicles some of the little moments in an early morning routine, as your partner leaves for work. I wrote it when we were just coming out of hibernation and starting to go back to normal life again. Dragging our feet and drawing out our goodbyes, saying “go gently and hurry back soon”.


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