“Rambling (Chapter 1)” by Mimika

Up and coming and utterly talented indie singer/songwriter Mimika comes to Wolf in a Suit with her latest single, say hello to “Rambling (Chapter 1)”. With this track she opens up her heart and soul and has a good conversation with herself as she begins to wonder where her relationship is heading. There’s something about the track that while personal manages to feel universal and touch on an experience that almost all go through at least once. The track understands that sometimes love is a not a forever thing, sometimes it runs its course and that is it, there’s no more to it and the safest and healthiest thing to do is to simply say goodbye. She understands that is not easy, and this felt in her voice as the verses unfold making the story clearer by the second. We can’t help it, sometimes things are not always built to last and this amazing must-listen gem understands that. So listen, connect and enjoy the ride that awaits within this fantastic track.

Location: Canada

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“I have this tendency to shoot myself in the foot when it comes to relationships and somehow always find a way to end things before they really begin. ‘Rambling’ explores that in a conversational way. I spend a lot of the song beating around the bush regarding what’s going on in this relationship until I finally just blurt out the truth which is “maybe I wasn’t meant for this, meant for love, I’m scared of ‘us’.” The song is meant to make you self-reflect and look inside as to the real motives behind why we do the things we do.” 


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