“Market and Black” by Griffith James Ft. Tennis

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Griffith James joins forces with US indie royalty Tennis, to give life to “Market and Black”. With this track the talented young artist makes his official debut and what a way to do so by complementing his voice with that of Alaina Moore of the legendary group. The melodies and lyrics flow with surreal ease caressing our senses and pulling us into an otherworldly realm bound to leave a mark. The track is an instant hit making for the perfect way to set foot into the music scene and deliver a memorable soundscape.

There’s no going wrong with this track as it offers compelling lyricism and hypnotizing sounds making it a must-listen gem that dances between the classic and the modern in a way that is so subtle yet so beautiful. So listen carefully and dive into the world that dwells within this amazing track. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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