“Tired” by Thomas Porter

Up and coming Australian indie singer/songwriter Thomas Porter comes to us with his office debut single, say hello to “Tired”. With this refreshing and youthful blend of melodies and lyrics, he offers us a chance to explore a different tone of pop that is quite vivid and fun. The soundscape flows with ease and instantly invites us to connect and see how the story unfolds and caresses our senses making sure it checks all the boxes. The visuals complement the sonic side with such care and natural feel making everything feel so right and so on point. This young artist gives us a little taste of what his talent can deliver and personally he has gotten me excited and begging for more. So listen, see and find a place within his music to make a home and embrace the sweet magic of this must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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