“Across That Fine Line” by Nation of Language

Indie pop band Nation of Language blend old school and contemporary sounds to give life to “Across that fine line”. With this refreshing and down-to-earth soundscape they explore the moment in which a relationships takes a different form and becomes romantic in nature. The melodies and verses caress our senses guiding us through this story of transition from not feeling anything to feeling it all and crossing the line for not only our hearts but maybe our bodies. The track is subtly seductive and instantly mesmerizing as it offers us a chance to connect with something so human and so real that I am sure all will find a moment that feels like a reflection of their own experiences.

They have managed to craft a soundscape that is so just so perfect and so amazing easily earning the label of must-listen/must-see gem. So listen, see and dive down this rabbit hole, for something special awaits at the end. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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