“maybe i should let you disappear” by Philip Brooks ft. Post-Dusk

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Philip Brooks joins forces with Australian artist Post-Dusk and together they give life to “maybe i should let you disappear”. With this captivating and honest blend of melodies and lyrics they offer us a chance to connect and really explore the magic that lies in relationships and in our own solitude. The track aims to understand the difference between being someone and being on your own as you see that all those things that make you smile with that person could easily be done on your own. The track is bittersweet yet leaves the door open for us to decide which road to take, it simply invites us to realize that happiness is not found in someone else but in ourselves. The track is beautifully vivid and instantly captivating allowing our senses to connect and feel the verses caress our hearts and souls with a warm touch. So listen carefully and fall in love with the sweet magic of this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom & Australia

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