“Spiral” by Pacific

From the United Kingdom comes the uber-talented indie band Pacific with their latest passionate sonic creation, say hello to “Spiral”. With this enticing and utterly inviting blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to a one-of-a-kind soundscape bound to become a fan favorite. The track is powerful and from the start it manages to pull us into a realm that connects with our senses and experiences quite naturally and with a firm grasp. The track is exquisite and within it lies a welcomed dose of realism and musical ambrosia that gives it an edge above many other new tracks in the pop-rock genre.

The guys have done it once more and they continue to show why they are one of the most exciting acts to have come from the UK’s indie scene. So listen to this amazing soundscape and let it feed your imagination with a vivid and lush serving of must-listen contemporary magic. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“When we were writing this song, we wanted to capture how in life, days can unknowingly pass with all your time being spent working towards an end-game of someone else’s making. Importantly, we remember we have the ability to control our own futures and that’s what the song is about – overcoming that spiral that we can easily fall into.”


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