“No Matter” by No Money Kids

French indie pop-rock band No Money Kids comes back to Wolf in a Suit with the powerful sonic creation that is “No Matter”. With this enticing and utterly intoxicating soundscape, they give life to a modern-day anthem for the working class that showcases the grind that is part of life. The track is instantly mesmerizing and carries within a fire that is so powerful and so amazing to see as we are reminded that it also resides within us. The guys have managed to captured lightning in a bottle and turned into an instant fan favorite.

The approach taken with the live session allows the track to fully embrace the feelings and emotions that make up this fantastic blend of melodies and lyrics. The path set forth invites the listeners in and gives us the freedom to connect instantly as our senses embrace the sweet down-to-earth feel of this modern-day must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: France

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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