“Good Times” by The Indiana Drones

Canadian indie pop-rock band The Indiana Drones comes to Wolf in a Suit with the modern-day anthem for the young masses that is “Good Times”. With playful and electrifying melodies and lyrics they give life to an passionate soundscape bound to grab a hold of you and instantly pull you down the rabbit hole that exists within it. The track is fantastic from start to end and has all the right ingredients to make sure your senses and imagination are hooked. Something about it just feels so raw, so real and so intoxicating making it a must-listen gem for any music lover.

It truly is an exciting experience to have, for it is so vivid and lush allowing you to find an instant connection with what the verses have to tell you. So listen, imagine and become one with the sweet magic of this amazing track. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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