“Spilling My Blood” by Generous Gods

Atlanta-based indie rockers Generous Gods come to Wolf in a Suit with the eclectic and hypnotizing sonic creation that is “Spilling my blood”. With this refreshing combination of old school and contemporary sounds they give life to a psychedelic and uniquely captivating blend of melodies and lyrics that is sure to have a firm grasp of your imagination. Plus not only that, but there’s something about the track that simply understands how to connect with your senses and offer you a lush and vivid experience that is sure to find a home within you. The vocals perfectly understand what the verses are trying to convey giving life to a tale so surreal yet so raw and so human. The track is a must for any music lover and it adds itself quite naturally into any playlist bound to be filled with absolute must-listen gems. So simply listen and embrace the magic of this amazing track. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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